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Weapon Storage Components

The fully adjustable Weapon Storage Components are the key to the flexibility of the FWS system whether used in a Police or Military Armoury, as part of a mobile operations unit, or for evidence storage.


The fully adjustable Weapon Storage Components are the key to the flexibility of the FWS system whether used in a Police or Military Armoury, as part of a mobile operations unit, or for evidence storage.

The components can be positioned in any location on the storage system back panels. They are securely fixed into position using a single fixing for fast changes when required using a single tool.

This permits both high-density storage of single weapon types and, or, a diverse mixture of weapon types on a single Cabinet or Rack – with or without accessories such as scopes. Instant adjustability provides the most flexible solution available to meet any operational requirement.

For police evidence storage, the flexibility provided by the adjustable components enable the highest density storage of diverse types and sizes of evidence such as pistols, shotguns, rifles etc. as well as other weapons such as knives all within a single cabinet or rack.

See below for a selection of components. Contact us if you do not see what you require.

Horizontal Mount

Enables horizontal storage of carbines such as M4, sub-machine guns such as Heckler & Koch MP5 or MP7, FN P-90 and shorter rifles such as the SA80, FAMAS and Z-84 in the Secure Weapons Cabinet and Stackable Weapons Rack.

In an armoury location, used with the Expandable Weapons Rack when horizontal space is not restricted, the Horizontal Mount will accept any weapon through to the longest sniper rifle.

Supplied as 2 parts with separate barrel and stock mounts. The mounts have a rubber lining to protect weapons.

Storage Box

75mm & 150mm size
Can be located wherever is convenient on the Racking back panels. These open storage boxes can be used for ammunition, accessories and other loose equipment. We also offer magazine storage boxes.

Barrel Saddle

1, 5 or 6 capacity, 140mm or 175mm deep
The great adjustability of the storage system enables the Barrel Saddle location to precisely cradle the barrel of most guns.

The Barrel Saddle is often used with the Expandable Weapons Rack in armoury locations to vertically store assault rifles such as the SA-80, M16 and HK 36. It also used for vertical storage of taller weapons in the Secure Cabinet and Stackable Racks. We also produce special Barrel Saddles suitable for the FN2000 Tactical which will also accommodate the Grenade Launcher

Stock Shelf

1, 5 and 6 capacity
Often used on the Expandable Weapons Rack, the Stock Shelf permits a further row of arms to be stored in armoury locations.

Roll Out Work Shelf

5 and 6 space wide
Provides a very convenient slide-away shelf (rolling on ball-bearings) to temporarily leave magazines while weapons are placed back into racking.

It is also a convenient shelf to store pistols or other evidence while it is tagged before storage in the Secure Evidence Cabinet.

The shelf also provides a stable working surface for making notes or packing and is available in different widths.

Stock Saddle

1, 5, 6, 10, 12 capacity
These rubber lined Saddles enable positive location of stocks to prevent weapons overlapping or touching one another and help to ensure there is no way for sights to contact the storage panel or for weapons to cause damage to each other during storage.

Handgun Pack no Magazine Storage

1, 6 & 8 capacity
All widely used pistols such as the Glock 17, Beretta 92 (M9), SIG Sauer P226 and HK USP Tactical types as well as revolvers such as the Manurhin MR73 fit securely into the rubber lined cradles in the Pack yet are easy to remove.

Handgun Pacs are available with locking bars for securing weapons.

For X26 and X2 Tasers please request Taser Storage Pacs.

Handgun Pack with Magazine Storage

1, 6 & 8 capacity
This version of the Handgun Pack provides storage for 3 magazines with each weapon. Magazines simply slide into storage slots beneath the weapon.

We also provide a special version with wider Magazine Storage for the FN Herstal 5.7 x 28mm ammunition as used in FN’s Five seveN Tactical Pistol.

Seismic Barrel saddle

This component prevents the weapons from being dislodged by movement of the Secure Cabinets, Stackable Weapons Racks or Expandable Racks. It is ideal for securing weapons during transportation or in areas prone to seismic activity.

The standard rubber-lined barrel support is supplied with an additional part – a hinged lifting flap with a rubber-lined hole to securely hold the barrel.

The flap is securely held down into position by a nipple which locates into a sprung receiver. To operate, the flap is easily lifted to permit removal of the weapon.

Lockable Barrel Saddle

Enables weapons to be locked into the Secure Weapons Cabinet, Stackable Rack, or Expandable Rack. The standard rubber-lined U shaped barrel saddle is fitted with a hinged flap which is lowered over the barrel and padlocked shut (1 or 2 padlocks as required).

Removal of the weapon is restricted to key holders which enables total control over access.

Carry Handle for Stackable Weapons Rack

The optional Carry Handles designed for the Stackable Weapons Rack (SWR) fit into pre-punched holes on the outside. They can be removed from the Racks in the same way as the other components and stored on the Back Panel internally for safe keeping.

No space inside the Rack is wasted because the Carry Handles can be placed on the panel behind the weapon (rifle, carbine, etc.) and not interfere with the weapons storage capacity (including a weapon with attachments such as scope etc.)

Deployable (forklift truck) Base for Stackable Weapons Racks

The deployable base for forklift trucks permits rapid deployment and easy loading and unloading of the Stackable Weapons Rack to and from crates, tactical vehicles, transport vehicles and aircraft.
Suitable for either fork trucks or pallet trucks, the Deployable Base is supplied either for a single unit or as a double base for when gun racks are mounted back to back.

Ballistic Vest Holder

Enables police and military protective vests to be stored on racks with guns, batons, accessories etc.
When combined with weapon storage components and shelves, the Flak Jacket Holder permits diverse equipment types to be grouped together for rapid deployment and ease of use. Individuals are able to store all their equipment in a single location on a weapons rack.

In addition, the holder provides a safe and easy to use hanging area for Protective gear which being bulky and stiff is awkward to store.

The Flak Jacket Holder in photo is shown fitted to Weapons Cart

11 Capacity Pistol Peg Bar

The Teflon® coated steel pistol prongs provide storage of 9mm pistols in between barrels and barrel jackets of carbines and assault rifles used in Stacking Rack and open Expandable Weapons Rack.

The 11 Capacity Pistol Peg Bar is particularly useful when storing longer rifles such as M16 inside the Stackable Weapons Rack as the wasted space between weapons can be used. When storing shorter guns such as Steyr AUG or SIG SG 550 (which are short enough to permit Handgun Pack storage above vertically stored weapons) the 11 Capacity Pistol Prong can either substitute Handgun Packs to permit additional horizontal storage of rifles or be used to simply be used add additional handgun capacity.

Handguns can be individually locked to the Peg Bar if required.

Double Space Stock and Barrel Saddle

For storage of machine guns such as M449 SAW / FN Minimi / L7A2 ‘Gympy’L86A2 GPMG, PKM or RPK-74 with a bipod – the Double Space Saddle enables the additional width of the bipod to be accommodated on the gun storage rack. The saddle takes up 2 standard vertical storage spaces per weapon but allows the convenience of leaving the bipod in place on the weapon ready for rapid deployment.
The Double Saddle has the standard rubber lining to protect the weapon and is also available in a Seismic version for transportation or areas prone to seismic activity. Photo shows Seismic version. Spare barrels can also be easily accommodated.

Adjustable Firearms Shelf Unit

Available with our without dividers, our shelf unit is widely used for storage of all types of equipment including weapon bags, Ballistic Helmets, Plates, and Tasers. Complete flexibility is ensured thanks to the 12mm divider increments, the firearms shelf unit will store everything from Tasers in holster to a rifle or sniper carry bags. Also, of course, changing the shelf divider layout takes only moments so armourers can adjust the storage set up immediately to handle new weapons, accessories and other equipment as required.

Taser Storage

1, 6 or 8 Capacity

For storage of X26 or X2 Taser Storage outside the holster, our 6 or 8 capacity Taser Pacs are the solution. They will accommodate the standard weapon with or without grip extension. In addition, there is storage space for cartridges.
The design of the Pac helps to ensure that the delicate cartridges are not damaged during storage.
The X26/X2 Taser Pac can be used on Expandable Weapons Racks, Stackable Weapons Racks and Weapon Storage Cabinets.

This weapon storage component enables Tasers to be stored alongside all other commonly stored police weapons such as the Glock pistols, Remington shotguns, H&K sub machine guns like MP5s and assault rifles and carbines such as G36 and M4. The armourer can organise the armoury in accordance with operational requirements – mixing weapon types on the same storage panel if required. Also weapon inventory checks are extremely easy to carry out.

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"Your racking system is very versatile and is especially suitable for the myriad of different weapons we use."

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"Thank you very much for an excellent service."

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